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Black Man's Whore
My name is Ruby Eaton and this is an online look at my life as an absolute slut for my husband's Black boss. This all started when my suck up husband thought it would help his career if I were to fuck his Black boss and after much coaxing and begging from him, I decided screw it; if that's what he wanted me to do ... that's what I'd do. Well, he got more than he bargained for 'cause now he's a complete cum eating cuckold and I'm an absolute slut for Black Cock. I've fucked over 50 Black Men ... his boss, his friends and even some of his customers ... and I never, ever use protection.
The more Black Men use and dominate me, the more Dominant I become with my husband and the more extreme our relationship becomes. Join me for the wildest ride you ever had and see what cuckold life with a Black Cock Whore is really like